sometimes i forget the origins and will just casually refer to a milkshake duck or someone corncob'ing or tell someone you in fact, don't got to hand it to them, so I think these are primo examples of tweets that have infiltrated the brains of the terminally online

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I ran out of free NYT articles and Pocket is not displaying the piece, but I'm dying to know if "Ah! Well. Nevertheless," made it?? Seems like a footnote 3 tweet if ever there was one.

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Late to this, but these are my list of standout tweets. Not linking to them, but providing dates:

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's catcall tweet, 8-9-18

Jane Coaston and Bari Weiss "amoral pudding" dialogue, 5-11-18

Chrissy Teigen calls President Trump a "p---- a-- b----" and suffers no repercussions, 9-8-19

The "You did a racism" twit who replied to Barbara Ehrenreich, 2-4-19

That last one is especially formative, because it represents everything about Left Twitter's political worldview in a single tweet. Politics is about the scolding.

I wasn't watching pro wrestling at a time, but I saw news articles about a WWE wrestler who immolated his career and life during the George Floyd killing and Donald Trump firing on protesters for his bible photo-op.

Chad Lail, wrestling as Jaxson Ryker, saluted Trump for the Bible photo-op on 6-1-20. Practically all of his WWE colleagues made him a locker room pariah. Even his tag team partners disowned him, to the point that a championship match had to be scrapped and the team taken off TV for months while the controversy died down. Lail and his two partners would end up getting released by 2021.

According to the wrestling database Cagematch, he's only appeared in five matches in little-known indie promotions in 2022. And yes, Lail's views have not changed at all and he's still trash.

On a dark note, "Dilbert" creator Scott Adams has for years been showing how vile he really is. His racist comments recently got his comic strip yanked from newspapers, but one series of tweets last year was about his late stepson, who died of a drug overdose. On 7-6-22, he advocated for a final solution for troubled young men.

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